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     Of classic Georgian design, Cappahosic House was likely built around 1751 on the York River in Gloucester County.  The historic marker claims that the house was constructed in 1712, but there is no documentary evidence for that date.  It was likely built by descendents of John Stubbs.  The house was near a popular ferry and was likely the house in which the ferry operator lived.  In 1857 the house was deeded to John C. Baytop and was known after as the "Baytop House."

     Local lore has the house built on a site patented by John Stubbs in 1652 and 1702.  While the Stubbs family owned the property until the mid-18th century, it is unclear if the the family built and lived in the house in 1751.  The Stubbs family remained in possession of the house until 1787.


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