Learn all about Virginia's great colonial houses

       This website is a data base and clearing house for the history, people, architecture, archaeology and gardens of Virginia's great colonial houses.  It contains the most extenisve curated list of Virginia's colonial houses on the internet.

CURATOR: Kim R. Holmes

  • There are two types of featured houses: 1) those given extensive coverage such as Bacon's Castle; and 2) those covered less extensively with web links.
  • The time span for houses is from Jamestown's founding in 1607 to the 1770s.
  • Sources for dates are notorioulsly unreliable; however, the best available date from the sources is provided. 
  • Houses on the list are both extant and non-extant; criteria for using them is credible information as to their existence, origins and location. Although extensive, the list does not include every colonial house that either existed or exists today.
  • Lists will be updated periodically as new houses and information are added to the website.  The curator is working his way through counties and will add houses from them to the master list.
  • Houses by county are from the full website.  
  • Viewers are urged to send suggestions for houses to be added to the list; please provide documentary evidence through the Contact Us page.
  • If you should visit any of the private houses on this list, please be courteous to owners; if the property or driveway is posted as private, please do not enter.
  • Credits for photos are provided on the full desktop website.
  • This is an educational website intended to inform the public about Virginia's colonial houses; it is not used for any commercial purposes.
  • Please send corrections of errors through the Contact Us page; also please provide documentary evidence.
  • Please attribute any use of information from this website to Kim R. Holmes and 
  • Apologies for occasional mobile site glitches on iPhones and other devices; cannot be helped.

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